There aren’t to many movies that will make you feel what the characters are feeling. Or want to start crying blatantly in the middle of a guy getting his hand chopped off but Logan however is one of those movies. From the very beginning of the movie you feel pity for our lovable bad ass. He is at the end of his life and you can just sense what he is about to endure. Hugh Jackman did a phenomenal Job in creating the best version of wolverine we have seen for the last 17 years. It is going to be very hard topping this. Come to think of it, who would be a great replacement to fill those very large shoes? We will revisit this topic once again when the next X-men reboot is revealed. ( We all know its coming).

The movie starts out with some pretty brutal deaths and dismemberment. Logan is working a job he clearly hates to achieve a goal he will never ever see. The directors allude to some happenings with Charles Xavier and the other X-men who at this point are no longer living (or not in this particular timeframe). With the interest of everyone now peaked, we get a first hand look at all the fuss. X-23 is introduced. They give her back story with as much detail as they can since she is a child. She is much like Wolverine in most senses. She is a bit feral. For most of the movie she doesn’t speak which again is true to the form of Marvel for this character. The character development for X-23 was well thought out and well placed.

Not to go to far into detail for those who have not yet enjoyed the movie, but it is a fitting end to Jackman’s Wolverine and a beutiful beginning to Dafne Keen’s X-23.
In super short, See this movie.


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