Mario Run is pure fun. For a mobile game with simple functions, It is very satisfying to play. There are some auto functions built into the game which make the game play seamless. The games vibrant colors are very reminiscent of any Mario or Super Mario brothers game.

The premise of the game is simple save the cake and save Princess Peach.

The game has a few worlds that you can enter on tour mode or you can play rally mode.  You can also unlock all Worlds via a $9.99 purchase. Encompassed in the purchase version, there are additional characters,  levels and mushroom houses available.

In order to play rally mode you will need tickets that are collected through the course of the game by clearing levels in the tour mode. Or within the mushroom houses which are special events.

Coin Rushes are ways to collect additional coins in Toad Rally.

Of course when you complete a rally you collect toads to added back to your kingdom.

In the end you want to rebuild the kingdom and again save the princess.

**All Screenshots taken form the mobile game app.


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