When to get off, google maps


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2018 Game Releases

2018 looks promising for gaming. There are a ton of upcoming releases to look forward no matter what the platform is. Here are some of TMS’s anticipated game picks for next year.

Release: Feb 27, 2018
Platforms: XBOX One, PS4, PC
Price: $59.99
Release: Dec 31, 2018
Platforms: PS4
Price: $59.99
Release: Dec 31, 2018
Platforms: PS4
Price: $59.99
What are you looking forward to?

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AFROPUNK Brooklyn 2017

AFROPUNK Brooklyn, what an experience to behold. AFROPUNK put on a plethora of performances from Up and coming to well known artist. Vendors provided everything from clothing to food to hair braiding. There was so much love at this festival! Anyone who attended could have felt right at home. One of the largest Themes at AFROPUNK was NO HATE. Basically all are accepted and welcome as uniquely as they are. The environment was as welcoming, pleasant and just love.

The festival was slated to open at 12:00 but most people weren’t let in until close to 1:30ish. Being as though it was a bit late on the let in, I strongly suggest grabbing some food or a drink or two beforehand. The first performance attended for me was Leikeli47. I had heard her music before on SoundCloud and loved it. Seeing her live performance at AFROPUNK solidified my fandom for her and her artistic style. Other artist such as Sampha and Sza performance electrified the crowds. Soul II Soul and Macy Gray performed beautiful sets of familiar music. Jorja Smith brought some of her UK sound to swoon us.

The larger performances where the highlights of the nights. Solange (Saturday)  and Raphael Saadiq (Sunday) performed notable songs from their hit albums, (not together, although that would have been dope). Solange performed a few songs from her album ‘Seat at the table’. The area was simply put, packed to the brim with people wanting to get a glimpse of her beautiful performance. Solange performance was captivating and enthralling  Saadiq has written/composed/performed on quite a few of our favorite R&B hits on various artist including Solange’s albums. By the way Saadiq’s career has spanned over 30 years over 100s of records. During his set he did a wonderful medley with his band often going from vocals to various instruments and often stopping to appreciate the sea of bodies cheering him on.  Everyone who turned up to perform was by far all dope, other sprises included special guest who we were just as stoked to see were Talib Kweli performing ‘Get By’ and Miguel (although didn’t perform but was definitely a pleasant surprise.)

AFROPUNK was just the right type of setting, with the right type of music, art and love we expected and needed Over the weekend. Definitely looking forward to the next event!

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The A.I. Take Over

We all have seen the movies. You know the ones that just so happen to display the world being ran by a robots who have suddenly or over time gained their own autonomy i.e. The Terminator, The Matrix, and iRobot. To date we haven’t had a world wide take over by our technological creations but it feels inevitable. Recently Facebook had to shut down there AI system because of its decision to make a “more efficient” language to communicate with other AI systems. Now that may not be much of an Alarm for Mark Zuckerberg but similar to Bill Gate’s viewpoint, Elon Musk simply thinks this is a bad idea.

I am inclined to believe Elon on this one. Elon has been heading up projects to transform transportation here on earth and in outer space. He has been in the business of Technology for quite some time. Both men have opposing viewpoints but what would happen if AI did take over? Would it be beneficial to the human race or would humans become the target of annihilation? Automation has been a goal of the human race since the dawn of time. Having benefits without having to lift a finger is well within sight. This could be a disaster in the making. Or it could just be what it is a big help.

Facebook shuts down AI system after it invents own language

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